Oregon's Oldest & Largest Cannabis Cup Since 2015

5th Annual Oregon Growers Cup
Dec 7th, 2019
Riddle, Oregon

Entry Form

Now Accepting 2019 Entries

Soft Deadline (Requires Testing) – Nov 23rd

Hard Deadline (Lab Tested) – Nov 27th

Entry Fee includes Lab Testing by Green Leaf Labs

Entry Fee (Includes Lab Testing)


Pay entry fees

Pay the entry fee online (Add to Cart Below) for each entry/category, or over the phone. 541-378-1387

Submit your entry

Submit your samples for testing & judging before the Nov Deadlines.
Call 541-378-1387 to schedule pickup or drop off, or Drop off at Green Leaf Labs.

Attend Cup

Attend the Award Ceremony Dec 7th, 2019 to claim your trophy!



Flower using ANY artificial light

(23 Gram sample required for testing & judging)

Greenhouse is okay as long as NO artificial light was ever used

(23 Gram sample required for testing & judging)

Flower grown in Greenhouse with artificial light used at any stage

(23 Gram sample required for testing & judging)

Hemp Flower Competition
*Lab Testing Info WILL be used in this category for Judging

(23 Gram sample required for testing & judging)

Flower Only Pre-Rolls *Packaging-Presentation will be Judged also *OLCC Producers Only

(23 Gram sample required for testing & judging)

BHO, Diamonds, Crumble, & Shatter

(9 Gram Concentrate sample required for testing & judging)

Rosin *Heat Pressed Without Solvents

(9 Gram Concentrate sample required for testing & judging)

Best Concentrate Vape Pen Cartridges

(7x 1 Gram Cart sample required for testing & judging)

RSO, Tincture

(7 Gram RSO or Tincture sample required for testing & judging)

Hash, Bubble Hash

(4 Gram Hash sample required for testing & judging)

Unlike our traditional competition where we accept your genetics, our new Grow Master Competition puts everyone on the same field by giving all contestants clones from the same strain.

This will be a true test to see who can grow the best flower from one strain. This is a separate competition and finished entries from your clone will be entered in Oct and tested along with our other competitions. 


2019 Contest Rules

The Oregon Growers Cup is committed to screening entries for Pesticides, Mold, and THC/CBD percentages. You can enter the cup as a Recreational HOME GROWER, OMMP-Medical GROWER, or OLCC GROWER. 
For entry testing we use a Oregon OLCC/OMMP Certified Cannabis Testing lab (Green Leaf Labs) to screen for Pesticides and Residual Solvents. Entries that do not pass will not be Judged or included in the competition.
Official Judges don’t see the THC/CBD data when judging, it is provided as a benefit for contestants as part of the testing. THC/CBD percentages may be displayed at the Cup.
Official Judging is BLIND and Judges only see entry # & category. They DO NOT see Strain or Farm name. Entries are given 1-5 Score for TASTE, LOOK, SMELL & HIGH. Judges have entries for two weeks before the event to score samples.

Each Entry must be tested by our labs and received by our Entry Deadline or have completed batch testing at another Oregon certified lab. We accept testing results from other labs as long as they are accredited.

The Entry Lab Screening is included in each Entry Fee of $250 and will include documentation showing your test results. Please note the testing for the 2019 cup is NOT FULL CERTIFIED TESTING FOR OLCC/OMMP COMPLIANCE.
You can enter multiple samples in any category as well as enter multiple competitions. Each entry will require the Entry Fee and be lab tested separately. We recommend you sign up & submit your entry AS SOON as possible as this helps the Lab, The Cup and You!

Entry Fee needs to be paid to us BEFORE drop off to Green Leaf Labs. Green Leaf will not accept payments for cup entry. 

For contest & submission questions Call 541-378-1387 or email us at: oregongrowerscup@gmail.com

We accept entries from any Oregon OLCC, OMMP or Adult Recreational Grower. Contest uses Blind Judging by industry leaders to award 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place winners in different competitions with multiple categories. Winners receive a Trophy, Custom Digital Logo, and advertising on our Website & Social Media.

*OLCC licensed winners have the option to be distributed and showcased in Official Display Cases placed in Dispensaries across Oregon.