Unlike our traditional competition where we accept your genetics, our new Grow Master Competition puts everyone on the same field by giving all contestants clones from the same strain.

This will be a true test to see who can grow the best flower from one strain. This is a separate competition and finished entries from your clone will be entered in Oct and tested along with our other competitions.

Enter & Collect your clone

Purchase your entry & collect your clone starting May 15th 2019. You can also sign up at the 2020 Oregon Hempfest, June 26 & 27th.  

Cultivate your plant

Grow your plant using the best of your abilities in either the Indoor or Outdoor GrowMaster Categories. 

Submit for testing

Submit your samples for testing & judging before the Nov Deadlines. Call 541-378-1387 to schedule pickup or drop off.

Entry Form

2020 Strain : To Be Announced

Your entry includes clone and lab testing

Entry Fee